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Levity Launch New Soft Fruit based Fertiliser Range

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Levity Crop Science

Levity CropScience is an award winning innovation business leading the industry in crop enhancement technologies for improved crop yields and quality with reduced environmental impact.

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    Pioneering Fertilisers
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Our Values


Leading the industry of bio-active crop enhancements, we drive new science and technology forward. Alongside agronomists and growers worldwide, we develop and deliver products that exceed current expectations in agriculture. 


Commercial and sustainable crop production needs to become a reality for the future of the world’s food security. We believe this is achievable and it’s this belief that underpins everything we do. Working intelligently with plants’ natural systems, our technologies enhance production without environmental damage.


We create alternative agricultural products that work harder than the competition in terms of both crop yield and waste reduction. Our scientists and partners are world leaders, working directly with you and sharing a united passion for improving crop production.

What we do

 Through pioneering chemistry, we create products that improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yield and earn farmers money.

About Levity

Bridging Academia & Industry

Levity work with academics, industry leaders and distributors around the globe. Levity bridges the scientific innovations created in academic institutions and works to deliver these technologies to growers in easy to use products, that help farmers produce better and more reliable yields.

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