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Most crops around the world achieve only a fraction of their potential, so closing the yield gap between potential yield and average yield whilst reducing inputs and pollution is the key challenges for food security

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Re-writing the rulebook on agriculture, Improving Yields With Sustainable Inputs.

Levity Crop Science develop pioneering agricultural products that improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yields and earn farmers money.

Science makes the difference

We are industry pioneers of bio-active crop enhancements, we drive new science and technology forward. Alongside agronomists and growers worldwide, we develop and deliver products that exceed current expectations in agriculture. Working intelligently with plants’ natural systems , our technologies enhance production without environmental damage.

Re-writing the rulebook

We create alternative products that work harder than the competition in terms of both crop yield and waste reduction. Our scientists and partners are world leaders, working directly with you and sharing a united passion for improving crop production.

Working until we get results

We are driven to improve the way food is grown, and its effect on the environment. Our products are scientifically proven to work and not mass produced just because they fit the ‘economies of scale’ model. We care about the difference our research is making.

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Levity Insights, Is our library of articles all about: Crop Science, Plant Physiology, Agronomy and more…

Helping crops recover from waterlogging

Itโ€™s been a very wet winter in Northern Europe and winter cereal crops are looking stressed. In this article, we explore how waterlogging stress affects crops, and what we can do to help them recover. What happens when cereals are waterlogged? When roots are...
Improving Vase Life of Cut Flowers

Improving Vase Life of Cut Flowers

Calcium is commonly applied to cut flower crops as it is a key nutrient in ensuring good vase life and stem weight, both important quality parameters in the market. However, the common methods for...

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Boost to Ornamentals From Nitrogen Switch

Boost to Ornamentals From Nitrogen Switch

Switching to a different form of applied nitrogen could increase grower profits, improve plant physiology and raise plantsโ€™ stress tolerance, according to new research. The alternative nitrogen โ€“ a chemically stabilised form of urea โ€“ would also optimise resource use...

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Calcium deficiency – stress symptom?

Calcium deficiency – stress symptom?

Calcium is often used as a 'stress buster', but calcium is better used to fix stress symptoms rather than as a cure for stress. Here we discuss the relationship between stress and calcium in plants, and we can use this understanding to better treat both stress and...

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Our Top Priorities; Focusing On The Key Issues In Crop Production

At Levity we believe that science can help farmers produce better crops with lower inputs. We have four main areas of research expertise and these research programmes are helping to change the way farmers grow crops.

Yield & Nutrient Use Efficiency

Levity’s science is helping to make fertiliser more effective. By understanding how plants pick up and metabolise fertiliser we are able to create products with much lower rates – better for farmers and for the environment.ย 



The weather is the single biggest driver in crop yield and quality. Levity scientists use knowledge of how plants react to adverse growing conditions to create products that help them cope with stress – giving farmers new ways to maintain good yield and quality even in bad growing growing conditions.ย 


Improved Crop Quality & Reducing Physiological Disorders

Fruit and vegetable growers need to meet high standards of crop quality, Levity develop products that improve taste, shelf life and colour and that reduce physiological disorders. Framers using Levity products have better marketable yields with more production meeting the best grades .ย 


Reduced Disease Pressure

Healthy plants need lower amounts of pesticides. Crop nutrition has a large impact on crop health and Levity’s research is helping to develop products that make plants more healthy, reducing the amount of disease.


Keeping it Real… Levity’s Products Are Rigorously Tested And Scientifically Proven, With Plant Physiology At The Core

We research and develop game changing technologies for a changing world.

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Leaders in our field

Shaping the future of the world’s food security

At Levity we have a vision. By understanding plants, protecting the environment and lifting crop yileds we are helping to improve the way crops are grown.

Our unique appraoch to product development has produced products used by growers around the world meet the challenges they face with products developed especially for their needs.

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Our Awards & Recognitions

Best Innovation in Indoor Farming Award
Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture (GFIA) Europe 2018

Winners Innovative Business Award 2017
Red Rose Awards 2017

Winners Innovative Business Award 2018
Red Rose Awards 2018

Winners International Business of the Year 2018
E3 Business Awards

Winners Growing Business Award 2018
Wyre Business Awards 2018

Winners Innovation Business of the Year 2018
Wyre Business Awards 2018

Winners Exporter of the Year 2018
Northern Powerhouse Export Awards 2018

Global Business of the Year 2021
The BIBA Awards 2021

Innovative Business of the Year 2021
The BIBA Awards 2021

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