Levity are pleased to announce that Dr Vesna Najdanovic of Lancaster University will be working with Levity, on a ambitious programme of research investigating extraction of a novel natural iron chelate.

The project, funded by the BBSRC High Value Chemicals from Plants group, will be jointly supervised by David Marks of Levity CropScience and Dr Vesna Najdanovic of Lancaster University. Work will take place both within the new Engineering facility at Lancaster University, and at Levity’s Lancaster University facilities.


Dr Najdanovic is appointed Fellow in Energy Lancaster at the Engineering Department of Lancaster University. Her area of research interests is in the field of green chemistry and sustainable technology involving design of environmental benign solvents for chemical transformations and separation processes as well as sustainable valorisation of carbon dioxide emissions.

David Marks of Levity said “Levity have been developing a natural Iron chelate superior to EDDHA Fe for several years now. This BBSRC funding will allow us to develop the extraction methods necessary to enable Levity to commercialise this exciting research, and hopefully will result in new products” he added “Levity and Lancaster University have a longstanding history of research collaboration, and we look forward to working with the Dr Najdanovic on this project”.