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Key Benefits

Better grading

Improved storage life

Higher marketable yield

Increased weight

Damu for Root Veg

 Powered by Catalyst Chemistry

Key Benefits

Better grading

Improved storage life

Higher marketable yield

Increased weight

Technical Info:

Boron is a nutrient that is not mobile in phloem, making it hard for the plant to distribute and leading to local deficiencies. Damu is a new kind of boron product that is easy to absorb, and fast acting due Levity’s Catalyst chemistry. Damu works by using chemistry that improves both uptake and speed of metabolism of boron. It improves movement of sugars via formation of polyol compounds in the crop, influencing fruit size and root and tuber bulking.

Damu is an easy to absorb low dose boron that crops can quickly metabolise for fast acting deficiency correction, improved flowering and increased sugar transport.

Boron, an essential nutrient

  • Boron gives strength to cell walls.
  • Boron is vital for pollen tubule formation, and can increase flowering and flower setting.
  • Boron is needed to translocate sugars made during photosynthesis.
  • Boron is used to transport carbohydrates to roots, and can improve bulking of root and tuber crops.
  • Boron is poorly mobile, causing local deficiencies and disorder like whiptail (brassica crops), stem crack (celery).

Tank-Mixing: Compatible with most common pesticides and fertilisers. Always jar-test before tank mixing to ensure physical compatibility.

Storage: Store indoors in a frost free environment, avoid exposure to temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C, keep out of direct sunlight


9% Boron (B), 0.1%

Molybdenum (Mo) w/w

Our Sustainable Product Range

At Levity we have a vision, by understanding plants, protecting the environment and lifting crop yields we are helping to improve the way crops are grown.

Application Rates

Damu for Bulking

Stable Chemistry

Crop Solutions

Less Wasted


The Damu Application Rates & Crops

“Working with you on crop specific issues.”

Potato: Foliar spray in a minimum of 100L water volume. Use 1L/ha monthly whilst bulking or whenever the crop is showing excess top growth. Use 5 L/ha 2 weeks prior to harvest to increase size and dry matter content.

Root vegetables: Foliar apply 1 – 2 L/ha when growing conditions are generating rapid shoot growth or to address nutrient deficiency. Use 5 l/ha 7 to 10 days ahead of harvest to increase size and dry matter content. Apply in 200 L/ha of water. Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates.

Oilseed rape: Foliar spray 1 to 2.5 L/ha at the 4 to 6 leaf stage, followed by a further application at the onset of stem extension. An additional application may be made at the start of flowering where boron deficiency is suspected. Apply in 200L/ha of water.


Fruit Trees and Grape vines: Foliar spray 2 L/ha Apply at 2-4 week intervals following flowering to improve size, homogeneity and colour. Apply in 400 – 800l/ha of water.

Brassica vegetables: Foliar spray 2.5 L/ha from the 4 to 6 leaf stage with repeat applications every 10 to 14 days for moderate or severe deficiency. Apply in 200 l/ha of water.

Tomato, pepper, cucumber and melon: Foliar spray at 2 L/ha applied at each flowering period to improve fruit setting, or for improved size apply 2 L/ha 7 days ahead of each harvest

Cereals: 0.5 L/ha at G.S. 61 according to crop demand. Apply in 200 l/ha of water

Tropical Fruit crops: Foliar apply 1L/ha at flowering to improve flower setting, and 2 L/ha 1 week prior to each harvest to increase fruit size. Apply in 400 – 800 L/ha of water.

Using Damu for Bulking

Damu helps increase the flow of carbohydrates from leaves to roots and tubers via formation of sugar carrying polyols.

Late applications of Damu (when leaves are no longer needed) can focus growth to tubers and roots rather than on leafy growth leading to higher yields on root crops.

Environmentally Stable Chemistry

Levity products use smart chemistry to make them more stable in the environment, this prevents pollution and means that farmers get more crop growth for every unit applied.

Targeted Crop Solutions

Levity products are targeted, to solve specific crop problems. We do not believe that ‘one product fits all’, and look at groups of crops like cereals, tomato, apples etc separately adapting our products where necessary to best deliver on each crop.

Less Wasted Crop

Levity products help improve grading, leading to a higher fraction of marketable yield. They also improve post harvest shelf life reducing post harvest food losses.

Improved Yields

Levity products are tried and tested, with years of independent field trials around the world clearly demonstrating significant yield increases on potato, vegetable and fruit crops.

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