EcoCulture Bioscience’s manufacturing and distribution rights for Levity formulations expire on the 19th September 2015, and are to be terminated. Ecoculture and it’s distributor network will no longer have access to Levity formulations and technology.

The product formulations that have previously been marketed through Ecoculture Biosciences (Delta, Calflux, 1-4-All, X-Stress, TipTop)  will all no longer be available through Ecoculture and it’s distributors and any products traded under those brand names will no longer be guaranteed to contain Levity Technology or to be made using Levity formulas.

From September 2015 the only place that Levity formulations will be available will be through Levity CropScience Ltd and its approved distributors and partners. Any product not supplied through Levity CropScience can not be guaranteed to be genuine product, to have our technology inside it, and to work effectively.

To avoid disappointment, look for the Levity CropScience brand, or ‘Levity CropScience inside’ logos to ensure you have genuine Levity formulated products.

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