Working towards target 12.2  

Agricultural productivity depends upon use of finite natural resources, using non renewable mineral deposits, fossil fuels and water reserves. Current levels of food production are wholly unsustainable without huge changes and technological development. Levity work to make agricultural inputs that are more sustainable. Levity have committed to Global Goal Target 12.2 and have a strict policy of not producing any product that is not demonstrably more sustainable than conventional ones.

Working towards target 12.3  

As much as a third of all fruit and vegetables are wasted without being eaten, therefore food waste represents a major opportunity to both decrease hunger and improve sustainability in agriculture. Levity develop products and technology that improve post harvest shelf life of fruit and vegetable crops. Levity are committed to helping achieve Global Goal Target 12.3 and are actively working to introduce new technology that can reduce post harvest losses of potato, apple, and other fruit and vegetable crops.

Working towards target 12.5  

A substantial portion of the crops produced by farmers fails to make the grade required by retailers and consumers. Levity develop products that increase the marketable yield of crops, and reduce levels of physiological disorders that render crops unsaleable. L;eviuty believe that development of novel quality enhancement products has the potential to reduce wasted crops by more than 30%.

Working towards target 12>A  

Levity believe that developing countries need different agricultural inputs to larger developed markets. Levity take time to understand local needs, and develop different products that are better suited to the local environment, varieties and equipment in each geography we are active in. We conduct field testing and research locally in each market we enter, making sure that we develop appropriate products for the developing worlds farmers.