Working towards target 15.1  

With global population set to double in a generation, it is vital that new ways are found to grow food without further encroachment on wilderness or damage to our ecosystem. Levity’s scientists are researching ways to grow food with as little and impact on the environment as possible.

Working towards target 15.2  

Forests are under pressure from expansion of agricultural land. Levity believe it is possible to get better yields from existing land and we have projects aimed at reducing the need for deforestation. Targets include developing ways to grow oil palm on land previously infected with basal stem rot, this would make it possible to reuse land previously used to produce palm oil without the need to clear new plantations.

Working towards target 15.3  

Levity develop products that help crops grow in arid and semi arid conditions, and enable crops to be produced using high EC water sources, or using smaller amounts of water. Levity have been highly successful in the Middle East and North Africa where we are helping farmers produce better yields in challenging growing conditions. Levity are committed to Global Goal Target 15.3 and plan to make our products available in all arid and semi arid regions of the world. Levity are also committed to continuing research and development in this field.

Working towards target 15.6  

As our climate changes and farmers come under pressure to intensify production, the risk increases of the loss of local traditional varieties and crops. Levity are committed to working with growers to prevent loss of tree crops due to climate change. Developing products that allow farmers to continue to use traditional varieties as their climate and growing conditions change.