Working towards target 17.6  

At Levity we very active in developing better ways to feed and grow crops, we regularly publish independent field studies and peer reviewed papers and are active in the academic community. Our scientists are proud to belong to a global community of crop scientists working towards helping make food production more sustainable.

Working towards target 17.7  

Levity understand that the front lie of sustainable agriculture is in the developing world, where there is huge potential for increasing yield. The developing world needs products designed for local crops and growing conditions, not repackaged products developed for Europe and North America. Levity are fully committed to progressing Global Goal Target 17.7 and have experts on the ground in Africa, Asia and the Middle East actively developing solutions to help farmers. We are working on solving big issues like Panama Disease on banana, Black Pod on Cacao, Salinity, drought and stress on fruit and vegetable crops.

Working towards target 17.11  

Levity have a strong commitment to Global Goal Target 17.11, we are targeting increasing yields of export crops in Africa and Asia including banana, pineapple, coffee and cacao. We have already developed products specifically for tropical fruit crops, and have trials in Ghana and the Philippines and plans to expand to other developing nations.

Working towards target 17.15  

At Levity we believe that local problems require local solutions, and we are doing our part in developing products suitable for growers in each part of the world. We are committed to working closely with Agriculture departments in each nation Levity are active in.

Working towards target 17.16  

Levity’s team are proud to be part of a global movement towards sustainable development. We work with other organisations that share these aims and participate in SDG initiatives we can add value to.

Working towards target 17.17  

Levity develop world class products and technology that can improve agricultural production and sustainability, We work closely with partners around the world to test, develop and provide access to farmers to our products. We are always open to new partnerships to help progress SDGs.