Working towards target 2.2  

Zinc deficiency is a major contributor to malnutrition where rice is a staple diet. Children with zinc deficient diets can exhibit stunted growth and developmental disorders. Rice grain is naturally low in Zinc, as rice plants accumulate zinc in the husk which is discarded during processing. Simply applying zinc to the crop does not help, as the grain does not absorb it. Levity have a research programme aiming to develop chemistry that allows rice grain to properly absorb Zinc. We aim to produce products that can eliminate grain deficiency of Zinc in rice and other crops, so that malnutrition from low zinc diets can be reduced.

Working towards target 2.3  

Small scale farms are the backbone of global food security, but small farmers lack the infrastructure available to large scale farmers. Levity develop products that can greatly benefit small scale farmers, improving resilience to drought, stress, and improving yields and quality. Small scale producers have different agronomic needs to large scale producers, Levity understand this and develop products that are better suited. Levity are fully committed to finding ways to make our products and technology available to small scale growers in the developing world.

Working towards target 2.4  

Levity believe that agricultural inputs can be developed that are far more efficient and sustainable. The biggest impact on crop yield is abiotic stress (heat, cold, drought, salinity, climate change) and we believe that there are significant gains to me made in crop yield and food security by improving crop stress tolerance. Levity are committed to developing products that will make crops more resilient to climate change, and stressful growing conditions. We will be making technology available to farmers that will reduce water use and improve crop yield in challenging conditions.

Working towards target 2>A  

On being awarded our second Red Rose Innovative Business Award judges commented “Levity Crop Science are developing Innovations that are having, and will have, a real impact on the sustainability of crop production in the world. Truly exciting innovative business and a passion to continue to resolve world crop problems”.

To meet the global goals investment must be made in crop science, it is only by better understanding agricultural science that new ways of growing more crops using lower inputs will be achieved. At Levity we have a strong commitment to advancing this Global Goal. We have a world class team of research scientists, and great partners with academic institutions around the world, and we will continue to increase our spending on agricultural research every year.