UK based Levity CropScience has significantly improved its prospects by appointing a distributor in Egypt, the largest agricultural market in North Africa.

The Egyptian distributor, United Group of Agencies Agricultural Development Co, will market Levity’s full six product range – Lono, Lono Plus, Sulis, Albion, Indra and Damu. Key benefits from using these Levity CropScience products include increasing yields in fruit and vegetables as well as improved quality and resilience in potatoes, soft fruit, top fruit, banana, protected crops and leafy vegetable crops.

Levity products are ideally suited to helping improve crop production in arid climates, and in Egypt, their focus will be on significant export crops, including grapes and potatoes.
David Marks, MD, Levity CropScience said: “We’re delighted to be increasing the volume of our pioneering products across the globe. There is a clear demand for our high quality, yield increasing, smart fertilisers in the export market.

“All of the products are developed by ourselves and engineered to get the maximum quality, life span and yield for users. It has been scientifically proven that our products, such as Lono, can produce up to an extra eight tons of potatoes

per hectare”.

“The Middle East and North Africa is a strong growth market for Levity, Egypt is a market where we anticipate large volume sales and we are looking forward to working with Mahmoud and his team to help Egyptian farmers get the very best from their crops.

“This is the first of our distribution appointments in the MENA that will be announced during 2017. Levity products help crops cope with high temperatures and poor water. They also help increase yield and quality in challenging growing conditions, which is helping drive strong interest in the region”.

Levity has an innovative approach to agronomy and their specialist scientists offer tailored advice to growers. This is because their scientists understand the problems of growers and create smart fertiliser products to solve those problems.

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