Lancashire based Levity CropScience has broadened its reach across the Middle East with the appointment of a Jordanian Distributor, Yasser Abusnaina, based in Amman.

Levity has an innovative approach to agronomy and their specialist scientists offer tailored advice and solutions, since they understand the problems of growers and create smart fertiliser products to solve those problems.

The Jordanian distributor owns the Gheras and Fanan for Agriculture company and this agreement will allow growers in Jordan to access Levity’s innovative products; Lono, Lono Plus, Albion, and Damu.

Levity products now available in Jordan.

Lono and Lono Plus have been proven to increase potato yields by as much as $1,000 per hectare in international independent field trials.

Cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes, are all grown in Jordan, particularly in the Jordan Valley, although much of the country is unsuitable for sustained crop growth, due to the arid climate and water availability.

David Marks, MD, Levity CropScience said: “Demand for our products is growing exceptionally and we’re excited to be entering the Jordanian market with the Gheras and Fanan for Agriculture company.

“All of the products are developed by ourselves and designed to get the maximum quality, life span and yield for users. It has been scientifically proven that our products, such as Lono, can produce up to an extra eight tons of potatoes per hectare.

“Levity products particularly help crops in dry, arid and stressful climates, boosting yields and giving them resilience against fungal and viral attacks, which is driving the demand across the Middle East and North Africa. An additional benefit is that Levity products will also help growers overcome heat and salinity stress, resulting in the production of larger, more resilient yields.”

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