United Kingdom-based, Levity CropScience, has appointed a distributor, Farmland Agriland Corp, in the Philippines, giving the Southeast Asian island access to its innovative products. Farmland Agriland Corp, based in Mindanao, will distribute five Levity products: Indra, Albina, Damu, Sulis and Lono.

Agriculture is one of the most prominent industries in the Philippines, employing 32% of the population and producing 11% of the nation’s GDP.

Levity is currently running trails across the largest banana plantation on the Philippine island of Mindanao, spanning more than 400,000 hectares and producing over nine million tons of bananas each year. The agricultural specialist’s products will also be used with pineapples and other fruit and vegetables at plantations across the Philippines.

“We are excited to be offering our products in the Philippines” said Anna Weston, Co-Managing Director, LevityCropScience, “It’s a very big agricultural market and our distributor, Farmland Agriland Corp, is very well connected in the region.

“Farmers across the country will benefit from Levity’s research backed smart fertilisers, which help improve crop resilience and help attain greater yields for growers.”

Jennifer Subang, Farmland Agriland Corp, added: “Levity CropScience’s innovative products are sure to make life easier for growers across the Philippines. The fertilisers, in trials, have already proven their ability to help produce larger and more resilient yields on bananas and other crops across international markets.

The Philippines increases Levity CropScience’s continuously growing list of export nations including the United Arab Emirates, USA, Ghana and Egypt.

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