Zeme, a New Generation Silicon Fertiliser for Stronger Healthier Crops, Launched by Levity.

Preston, United Kingdom – April 16th 2021

Agricultural innovators Levity Crop Science, are launching Zeme, a revolutionary new silicon fertilizer that has improved mobility allowing lower rates and better performance than conventional silicon products.

Zeme uses Levity’s unique Si-X technology to improve uptake, transport and distribution through plant of silicon, a non-mobile nutrient. This new technology (patent applied) has a decade of research and development behind it and is game changing for use of silicon to improve crop production. Levity MD Anna Weston explains “Until now getting good results from silicon applications to crops has been hit and miss, as many crop species lack the ability to take up and transport it quickly and evenly. Si-X technology helps crops use silicon better, and Levity’s research shows that this significantly increases the effects of silicon applications”

Anna adds “Levity’s team are very excited to finally launch this ground-breaking new product. It will help farmers around the world produce higher yields and improve the health of their crops”

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