What We Do

Through pioneering chemistry we create products that improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yields and earn farmers money.

Our Team

My role at Levity is to listen to growers and understand what challenges they face, and then find ways that crop science can help solve them. Our products are different because their genesis is different, we start with the outcome needed and then our team gets to work on it. It is really exciting when a few years following a conversation with a grower, Levity boxes start popping up on farms all round the world and we as a team can see that we have made a difference.

David Marks

Managing Director, David's Profile

Levity is an exciting company with great ideas and a solid plan for growth and I am enjoying working with David, Anna and the team as we establish Levity as a global business. My role at Levity is in getting the very best out of our business and its team, building the best team to run the business for long term stability and I am busy putting in place the infrastructure and commercial deals that are supporting our rapid growth. I am passionate about British manufacturing and it is great to be involved in Levity, as it opens up ever more export markets.

Mike Peters; MBE

Commercial Director

Work With Us

Levity is always searching for energetic and exciting individuals to expand its team of professionals.

I studied crop science to make a difference and I am proud of the work Levity’s team is doing to help produce more food with less inputs.  Levity are a bridge between academic research and farmers. Our job is to take science and do something practical with it making science relevant to farmers and to find better ways to produce food. My role at Levity is to help to communicate to growers and the wider world what we do and to find ways to make our complicated science simple to understand. Our team is working hard to make crop science and all it’s benefits accessible to growers around the world, It’s an exciting challenge.

Anna Weston

Managing Director, LinkedIn Profile

I care passionately about the environment, and having spent a lifetime working in environmental charities I understand how agriculture can effect it. My role at Levity is to ensure that the excellent work Levity do in reducing the environmental impact of agricultural inputs is used to best effect and to identify and implement large scale sustainable agriculture projects around the world using Levity’s knowledge base, and technology. Levity have a great ethos, and our values shine through in the work we are doing to make agriculture more sustainable.

Michael Weston


As product development manager I make sure the ideas generated from our research programme turn into real products. I work closely with David, Anna and the team to take ideas and transform them into great products. There is a lot of work between concept and finally launching a new product, and it is a real team effort.  We are launching several major product lines a year, so there is never a dull moment here. At Levity we pride ourselves on innovation, it is a prerequisite of any product we develop that it must be unique, and offer growers something new and better. It’s a great feeling seeing all that hard work, energy, and innovation come together when we launch a product.

Stephen Houghton

Product Development Manager , Stephen's Profile

As research manager my role is to design and oversee research carried out both in house and via third parties, from glasshouse experiments through to large scale field trials. My bread and butter is the creation of protocols that probe how and why crop plants often don’t reach their full yield or quality potential. Such knowledge can be a key that opens up avenues for the development and/or evaluation of unique products, specifically designed to rectify problems identified by growers themselves. I am proud to be a member of the Levity team working in the real world making a difference to farmers: we listen to what the farmer wants, form and test ways of making it possible, and ‘bottle’ this together as a unique product.

Dr Sally Wilkinson

Research Manager , Sally's Profile

Products & Services

Through pioneering chemistry we create products that improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yields and earn farmers money.


Levity’s pioneering range of smart fertilisers helps farmers solve agronomic problems. Our products are more than just nutrients, they are tools to help farmers get better yields and quality.


Levity have a specialist team of scientists that have the know-how to test crop nutrition, biostimulants and stress tolerance products. We run experiments on nutrient and biostimulants week in week out, and have developed world class experimental techniques unique to Levity. Our experts help test efficacy and determine mode of action for an ever expanding multinational client base, who know that specialist techniques are needed to test the new generation of agricultural products.


With sites at Myerscough Agricultural College, and Lancaster University Levity have access to state of the art laboratories, growth rooms, and test glasshouses as well as field test sites. We are well set up to run experiments on practically all crops, and even have an on site golf course for testing products for sports-turf. Levity’s scientists have a range of equipment, analytical techniques, and small and large scale test facilities that is unrivalled in our sector.

How We Are Different

We are world leading scientists in our fields, working directly with clients, passionately delivering bespoke services and products that outperform the industry leaders.


At Levity we start with the plant, our crop scientists know how plants work and our understanding of plant physiology helps up to develop more effective low dose high performance products.


Levity’s team take time to understand how, where, and what conditions crops are grown in. By understanding the environment in combination with crop physiology we develop ways to help plants thrive.


By properly understanding how crops work, and the environment they are grown in Levity develop products that help farmers around the world increase their yields sustainably.

Levity Crop Science

At Levity we have a vision, by understanding plants, protecting the environment and lifting crop yields we are helping to improve the way crops are grown.