Lono for Root Crops is a smart fertiliser that focuses the plants growth on roots (which are harvested) rather than shoots (which are discarded), by supplying nitrogen in a form that encourages reproductive growth. Lono uses Levity’s LimiN chemistry to hold nitrogen in the amine form, and also contains calcium and important micronutrients. Applied in low doses through the season Lono lifts yield and improves grading, size distribution and quality of root crops. Lono helps crops maintain growth during periods of stress, safeguarding yield. Key benefits: Improved yield, more even size distribution, improved quality and improved growth during stress.

.Application rate: 5 l/ha foliar spray at starting at 5 leaf stage make 2-3 applications.


Damu for Root Vegetable bulking is designed to increase the size, and uniformity of carrots, turnips, parsnips, celeriac and other crops ahead of harvest. Damu works by encouraging movement of photosynthates in the leaves down into storage organs, pushing resource into the root. Key benefits: Increased size, improved uniformity, higher yield.

Application rate: 5 l/ha two weeks before harvest to bulk roots. 2 l/ha throughout season whenever crop is experiencing fast foliar growth spurts.

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