Albina for Soft Fruit, is a pioneering new product that improves fruit firmness and shelf-life. Albina works by helping soft fruit absorb calcium, a nutrient that can improve firmness and quality but is poorly absorbed by maturing soft fruit. Albina uses Levity’s pioneering chemistry, to stimulate calcium absorption into ripening fruit, where conventional products cannot.  it will help soft fruit producers get firmness, fruit set, shelf-life to higher standards using very low inputs. Key Benefits: Firmness, fruit-set, shelf-life, reduced physiological disorders and reduced risk of soft rots.

Application rate: 1 l/ha foliar spray at 14 day intervals.



Lono for Soft Fruit is a smart fertiliser that focuses the plants growth on reproductive growth (flowers and fruit), by supplying nitrogen in a form that encourages reproductive growth rather than the vegetative growth stimulated by conventional N fertilisers. Lono uses Levity’s LimiN chemistry to hold nitrogen in the amine form, and also contains calcium, applied in low doses through the season Lono increases flowering, and fruit growth, lifting both number and size of fruit. Lono helps crops maintain growth during periods of stress, safeguarding yield. Key benefits: Increased flowering, increased fruit number, more even size distribution, improved growth during stress, improved fruit quality.

Application rate:  General application rate 5 l/ha through drip irrigation at 14 day intervals through growing season. Transplanting 2 l/ha through drip irrigation at transplanting to better establish plants.


Sulis for Soft Fruit builds maturity (colour and brix) in soft fruit crops, it works by supplying molybdenum and boron in a special formulation that helps the fruit maximize the function of the enzymes responsible for the maturation process in soft fruit crops, building better levels of colour and brix to allow earlier picking. The chemistry in Sulis uses these nutrients alongside natural chemistry developed by Levity’s team of crop scientists, that actively encourage the functioning of the plants natural process of maturity, whilst ensuring these key nutrients in the process are available. Sulis also contains cell wall stabilisers, so that whilst colour and sugars build the developing fruit can also maintain firmness. Normally there is a trade off between colour and sugar formation and softening, Sulis is designed to manage this process so that farmers can get the taste they need whilst still picking fruit that’s firm. Key Benefits: Improved colour formation, improved brix levels, better fruit firmness.

Application rate: 1-2 l/ha, apply when needed to stimulate colour and brix ahead of harvest.


Indra for Soft Fruit is a product that improves growth and quality of soft fruit by helping the crop cope with stress caused by heat, cold, salinity, drought, and high UV light. Stress causes crops to produce toxins (ROS) that damage cells, and reduce quality. Indra promotes the plants own antioxidant production, and supplies the nutrients needed to make their manufacture possible. Indra can help protect crops from loss of quality and yield, and also prevent loss of colour due to UV. Key benefits: Protects crops from heat, cold, salinity, UV and drought, helping prevent loss of quality and yield during poor growing conditions.

Application Rates: 1 l/ha at 14 day intervals during periods of stress.

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