Stephen Houghton

Product Development Manager

My role at Levity is primarily to take the ideas generated by our scientists and ongoing research work and turn them into viable products to enable our customers to achieve higher yield through increased crop production and improved quality.

It is a varied role primarily involved in product development (from concept to physical product), existing formula improvements and new formulations. I am also responsible for the companies sales order process, managing customer expectations and supplier relationships. I also look after product health and safety and quality.

I am a graduate Biologist with over 20 years experience working in product development, project management, supply chain and manufacturing operations.


Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)1995 642396

Timely Support

Levity have a great technical and admin team, we pride ourselves on being friendly and efficient. If you need anything give us a call.

Innovative Ideas

Levity, one of Britain’s most innovative companies, was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Innovative Business Award’ at the 2017 Red Rose Awards. Innovation is the core of everything Levity do and we are proud to be able to deliver this innovation to the worlds growers.

Advanced Technology

Levity have a policy of only launching products that are significantly more advanced than the industry standard. Our business is built around setting new higher standards for agricultural inputs.

Clear Communication

Levity excel at making difficult science into easy to use products that help growers get the best yield and quality. Levity provide clear lab and trial results that clearly show how good our products are, so growers know that when they buy a Levity product it is proven and effective.

Recent Projects

Levity Projects Involving Sally