Our Sustainable Product Range

At Levity we have a vision, by understanding plants, protecting the environment and lifting crop yields we are helping to improve the way crops are grown.

Low Dose
(Targeted & Efficient)

Reduce need
for bulk fertiliser

Stable Chemistry

Crop Solutions

Less Wasted


Low Dose (Targeted & Efficient)

All Levity products use smart technology to make them more efficient and lower dose. We maximise performance by making nutrients that go to right the place and are processed more efficiently by crops – so we can use less and get better results.

Levity also ensure more of our products are recovered by the crop, rather than end up in air or water like many conventional products. Not only is this better for the environment, it is better for farmers too as all our products get used to increase yield.

Reduce Need for Bulk Fertiliser

Conventional bulk fertiliser products are inherently bad for the environment, with poor nutrient use efficiency meaning more is lost to the environment than actually taken up by the crops they are applied to. Levity products are not only more efficient, leading to lower total inputs being required.

Environmentally Stable Chemistry

Levity products use smart chemistry to make them more stable in the environment, this prevents pollution and means that farmers get more crop growth for every unit applied.

Targeted Crop Solutions

Levity products are targeted, to solve specific crop problems. We do not believe that ‘one product fits all’, and look at groups of crops like cereals, tomato, apples etc separately adapting our products where necessary to best deliver on each crop.

Less Wasted Crop

Levity products help improve grading, leading to a higher fraction of marketable yield. They also improve post harvest shelf life reducing post harvest food losses.

Improved Yields

Levity products are tried and tested, with years of independent field trials around the world clearly demonstrating significant yield increases on potato, vegetable and fruit crops.

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